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Christian artists Daniel and Renita Koehn share the gospel and their love for Christ through music and drama. Daniel, who has sung opera professionally for 3 years, together with wife Renita, who has appeared as a soloist in many choral master works and with the Mississippi Symphony Orchestra, perform together in musical concerts. The Koehns are associated with The Francis Asbury Society.  


EverlastingArms CD Cover

New CD Available!  

EvangelArtists announces the release of Everlasting Arms, a new solo CD of hymns & gospel songs sung and arranged by Renita Koehn! For information or to order click here.  


In addition to musical performances, John's Gospel comes alive as Daniel presents it through dramatic story-telling in both churches and schools.  

Daniel has portrayed renowned author and story-teller George MacDonald in "George MacDonald:  Faith and Obedience," a sermon presentation that brings MacDonald to life before your eyes.  Daniel has also recorded "The Day Boy and the Night Girl," a MacDonald fairytale on CD.  Both of these products are available for purchase.

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