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Johnís Gospel:  A Dramatic Storytelling


The words of the Scripture from the New International Version are brought to life in this one-man show of Johnís Gospel.  See Jesus as He teaches Nicodemus, encounters the woman at the well, and feeds the 5000.  Rejoice with the man born blind when he receives his sight.  Watch the tension rise among the religious leaders clamoring for position. 

The length of this storytelling is adjustable.  It may fit within an hour, or it may be shorter or longer according to request.

Listen to Asbury University's podcast of Daniel's presentation of John's Gospel from January 27, 2010.

Audio Requirements:

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Or, you can download the podcast to your computer.


George MacDonald:  Faith & Obedience

George MacDonald (1824-1905), the great Scottish poet, preacher, and novelist of the nineteenth century, comes to life in this dramatic presentation.   This is a one-man show in which Daniel portrays George MacDonald, featuring MacDonald's writings from Unspoken Sermons, The Wise Woman, and Thomas Wingfold Curate


 Music Ministry

Daniel and Renita are both trained musically.  Their repertoire includes a variety of styles from classical, traditional hymns and gospel to contemporary and praise and worship.  They offer full music concerts as well as music evangelism for revivals, etc.

A portion of the dramatic storytelling Johnís Gospel may easily be combined with music for the church that would like both music and drama. Watch two streaming videos illustrating Daniel and Renita's combination ministry presented in two chapel services at Nazarene Bible College, January 2008: Part 1 and Part 2.


Daniel and Renita are commissioned by The Francis Asbury Society.  Both are available to speak or teach.